Jun 26, 2024

How Crusoe Cloud Customer, Jua is Tackling Climate Change with AI



Artificial intelligence (AI) has a crucial role to play in combating climate change. This powerful, emerging technology is already being applied in a myriad of ways to improve predictions of weather patterns, optimize energy use and enhance energy efficiency, monitor and measure changes in carbon levels, forests and icebergs, and identify sources of pollution among many other use cases. Not only can these solutions help to mitigate the effects of climate change, they can also help to save and improve lives. 

However, the expanding use of AI has also led to a spike in global energy usage, which threatens to undo the positive climate benefits that AI can enable. The training of AI models and the use of AI tools require extensive computational power. Data centers must run continuously to support AI and machine learning workloads on specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) and computers that consume a significant amount of energy. Forecasts from the IEA estimate that global data centers will require an additional 160 to 590 TWhs of electricity by 2026, a staggering amount equivalent to the electricity usage of Sweden at the low end and Germany at the high end. 

Crusoe is tackling the sustainability challenge of AI data centers and infrastructure head on to reduce the environmental impacts of computing. We power our digital infrastructure using a diversified portfolio of energy solutions that tap into wasted, stranded, and clean energy sources to enable computing-led innovations with lower environmental impact. Through our Crusoe® Cloud platform, we provide sustainable computing resources, powered by stranded flare gas via our Digital Flare Mitigation® solution and renewable energy, to AI companies to run and optimize their workloads. 

Crusoe is excited that we are enabling innovative companies such as Jua that are developing AI-powered solutions to address climate challenges to do so on a more sustainable, climate-aligned cloud platform.

Jua is a seed stage climate tech start-up that is creating foundational weather and climate pattern prediction models to optimize the renewable energy trade and more effectively address the climate risks associated with climate change. Jua is leveraging Crusoe® Cloud to train their large physics model to more accurately predict global weather patterns on a reliable, efficient, and scalable platform. 

Jua utilizes Crusoe® Cloud’s NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU servers and S1A instances to train their AI models. NVIDIA H100s can train models at 5x the speed compared to NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. They have the ability to control their files and large data sets with high throughput connections with Infiniband networking within their own private cloud, reducing latency and further increasing the efficiency of model training. 

Our mission at Jua is to help humanity live in harmony with the climate by creating the first AI ‘Large Physics Model’ to accurately predict global weather patterns. Working with Crusoe Cloud is a win-win for us. Their platform is reliable, scalable and price-performant, allowing us to rapidly train and tune our models, while being climate-aligned and sustainable.

– Marvin Gabler, CTO & Co-Founder, Jua.ai

By supporting partners like Jua, Crusoe contributes to the advancement of climate-focused AI solutions while reducing the impact of AI and data centers on our planet. 

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