Jul 31, 2023

How We Built It: A Climate-Aligned, Modern, High-Performance GPU Cloud Platform

Cloud Modular Data Center

Cloud Modular Data Center

By: Nitin Perumbeti (CTO)

At Crusoe, one of our core values is “Thinking Like a Mountaineer.” To us this means creativity, perseverance, intense preparation, a mastery of tools, and ultimately the ability and willingness to endure a long and sometimes uncomfortable journey in pursuit of our goal. This mindset is fundamental to who we are at Crusoe. It is at the heart of every project, every partnership, and every new initiative. And there is perhaps no better example than our building and scaling of Crusoe Cloud. 

Crusoe Cloud is more than just another cloud service provider; it is an entirely innovative approach to delivering environmentally aligned computing infrastructure. By leveraging wasted, stranded, and clean energy sources, Crusoe Cloud provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for high-performance computing workloads, including Large Language Model training, inference, and generative AI.

From the HPC-focused software stack and the infrastructure that serves it to the energy that powers it, Crusoe Cloud is pioneering climate-aligned computing. We built Crusoe Cloud from the ground up—thinking differently and vertically integrating every aspect of the product. Our “full stack” extends far below traditional software and hardware, all the way down to the electrons that power the system.. As such, we want to share what differentiates Crusoe Cloud from other offerings with a series of blog posts that will dive into all layers of the product.

Over the coming weeks we'll be publishing deep dives on how we designed the foundational building blocks of a cloud service: compute, storage, and networking. We’ll also take a look at how we power Crusoe Cloud, and how colocating our data centers with otherwise wasted or stranded energy not only allows us to create an offering for our customers with a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional cloud computing, but can also help to stabilize electrical grids.

For our first deep dive on how we handled storage, click here

Stay tuned over the coming months to learn more about Crusoe Cloud and how we are building a product that is creating a cleaner and more responsible way for researchers, scientists, and engineers to bring their ideas to life. 

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