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We have an energy supply and demand problem.

Demand for energy is growing yet there is a tremendous amount of energy produced each year that goes to waste.

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Data centers consumed 690 million megawatt hours in 2021, with about 17% of that total computing demand coming from digital currency mining

Demand for energy-intensive compute is expected to exceed 38GW by 2030 (DigitalBridge 2023).

More than 8% of the world's electricity will be consumed by data centers in 2030 vs 1% in 2020 (IEA 2022).

The GPU market is forecasted to grow 10x between 2022 to 2032 (Allied Markets 2023).

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The transmission infrastructure needed to capture and fully utilize all the renewable energy generated is lagging.

144 billion cubic feet of natural gas was flared in 2021 (World Bank 2022).

Renewable energy production is asynchronous with power demand leading to curtailment, congestion, and negative pricing.

Crusoe has pioneered digital infrastructure that taps into wasted, stranded or clean energy.

Crusoe utilizes energy resources such as natural gas being flared or excess production from clean and renewable sources to power the compute resources we need to drive our shared progress and reduce its environmental impact.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas with 82.5x the global warming potential.

Natural gas flaring releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas with 82.5x the global warming potential of carbon over a 20 year period. Methane emissions need to be urgently addressed at the global level to combat climate change.

Digital Flare Mitigation®

Crusoe's Digital Flare Mitigation technology solutions provide operators with a cost-effective solution to reduce methane emissions resulting from natural gas flaring during oil production.

Crusoe's Digital Flare Mitigation® (DFM) system

Globally, 144 billion cubic meters of natural gas was flared in 2021. It could have generated 1,800 Terawatt hours of energy instead of being wasted (World Bank).

Crusoe's Digital Flare Mitigation or DFM system is an innovative low-cost solution that captures wasted natural gas from the oil field and converts it into electricity to power advanced, modular data centers co-located onsite.

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DFM offers oil and gas companies a fast, simple, low-cost, solution to reduce natural gas flaring.

DFM systems are deployed to oil wellpads where pipeline capacity is limited or unavailable, to mitigate the environmental impacts of oil production by reducing flaring and methane emissions.

Crusoe Releases First-Ever ESG Report

01 June 2022

Crusoe Releases First-Ever ESG Report

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Provides oil companies an incentive to reduce waste through a new revenue stream

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Reduces methane emissions

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Enables flaring reduction and compliance with flaring regulations

Environmental Benefits of DFM

Using 1 Crusoe DFM-powered GPU for a year reduces emissions by approximately 4.4 metric tons. This is equivalent to:

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Preserving over 5 acres of forest in the U.S.

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Removing 1 gasoline powered car from the road for a year

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Recycling 1.5 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill

Environmental Benefits of DFM®

In 2022, Crusoe reduced natural gas flaring by over 4 billion cubic feet, which helped avoid 6,400 metric tons of methane emissions, equivalent to reducing 528,000 metric tons of CO2e.

Digital Renewable Optimization™

Crusoe is accelerating the energy transition by enabling alternative revenue streams for underutilized renewable and clean energy sources.

By bringing our computing workloads to the source of renewable energy production, we are able to both reduce costs and power our computing workloads with on-site carbon free power resources.

Digital Renewable Optimization™

By 2035, wind curtailment in ERCOT could increase to 13% of total available wind generation and solar curtailment could reach 19% (EIA).

Crusoe is developing clean and renewable energy solutions using a behind-the-meter load approach, which provides solutions for wind, solar, nuclear, hydroelectric and geothermal power providers, carbon capture, and more.

Digital Renewable Optimization™

Environmental Benefits of DRO

Crusoe supports the transition to clean and renewable energy sources by:

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Improving the economics of renewable energy assets through creative commercial structures that minimize downside risks while offering upside in scarcity pricing environments (i.e., shutting off interruptible loads when the grid needs the electricity)

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Reducing transmission losses (on the order of 5% in the U.S. and higher in other regions) between generation and load

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Helping rebalance the local transmission infrastructure by bringing load to the generation source and reducing curtailment

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11% of electricity was priced negatively in West Texas in 2022 (Enverus)