May 12, 2023

Crusoe Releases First Ever ESG Report

2022 Crusoe ESG Report

2022 Crusoe ESG Report

Today, Crusoe released our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. This is an important milestone for Crusoe, and an opportunity to showcase our mission, values and goals as a company. 

Since the earliest days of Crusoe’s founding in 2018, our vision has been to build a company wherein the right environmental choice is also the right one for the business. If the global community is to reach any of the ambitious emission reduction targets that have been set, it will be necessary for businesses around the world, including traditional energy providers, to play a role. By creating economic incentives that align what’s best for businesses with environmental and societal goals, we believe we can create a mutually-reinforcing cycle that operates at the speed and scale necessary to drive meaningful change.

Our north star at Crusoe is our environmental impact, and we’ve made it our mission to align the future of computing with the future of the climate. In practical terms, that means we deploy advanced computing infrastructure in ways that solve climate challenges by reducing flaring, reducing methane emissions, or incentivizing the deployment of renewable power sources. Our goal is to mitigate climate change by supporting and enabling the energy transition by both cleaning up traditional energy sources and accelerating the development of new climate-aligned energy sources through our Digital Flare Mitigation® and Digital Renewable Optimization™ solutions, our computing products and our cloud computing service, Crusoe Cloud. In this way, we support both sides of the energy transition.

Beyond our core environmental mission, this ESG report also highlights Crusoe’s commitment to our employees and key social initiatives.

While this report reflects five years of hard work by our talented Crusoe team, we recognize that this is just the starting point. Over the years to come, our intention is to continuously improve from this baseline – to scale our beneficial impact on the environment and society, and to transparently measure and eliminate negative impacts along the way.  

Ultimately, this report is as much for Crusoe’s own employees as it is for external readers. As co-founders, we want to build a company that every employee is proud to be a part of – a place where we can all do the most meaningful work of our careers together. We sincerely appreciate you joining us for this journey, and look forward to making Crusoe better every year going forward.

Thank you,

Chase and Cully

Read Crusoe’s inaugural 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report here

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