Oct 03, 2023

Crusoe x Climate Week NYC

Chase Lochmiller Climate Week

Chase Lochmiller Climate Week

This year, Crusoe had the distinct pleasure of being in New York to participate in Climate Week NYC. Hosted by The Climate Group, Climate Week NYC is the largest annual climate event of its kind. The event coincides with the United Nations General Assembly and brings together top leaders from business, government, civil society and the climate sector.

Ensuring that Crusoe was represented at Climate Week was important for our company to be engaged in the critical conversations taking place among the top voices in the climate space. And it was important to us that Crusoe was seen as more than just a participant; we wanted to use this opportunity to demonstrate Crusoe’s active role in convening partners and finding solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face.

Elevating Crusoe Cloud as a Solution to AI’s Energy Problem 

For Crusoe, the highlight of the week was our panel, “AI and Climate Tech: How the Future of Innovation and AI Can and Should Be Climate Aligned.” Ben and David, hosts of the Acquired podcast (if you haven’t already, be sure to listen to our episode of the podcast) moderated the event featuring a discussion with Crusoe Co-Founder and CEO Chase Lochmiller and  Ram Cherukuri, Senior Product Manager at NVIDIA.

Our conversation focused on the urgent need to address the energy usage of AI technology. As the demand for machine learning and climate tech solutions skyrockets, so too does the demand for energy to power this global innovation. In fact, Marc Ganzi, CEO of DigitalBridge, recently stated that global data center capacity will need to nearly triple, up to 38 gigawatts from the 13GW available today, to satisfy the surge in demand triggered by the growth of AI. That’s part of what makes our Crusoe Cloud offering so vital - its ability to mitigate the environmental impact of these developing technologies through climate-aligned solutions that utilize wasted, stranded, and renewable energy.

Solving Climate Challenges with Digital Flare Mitigation

In addition to talking about Crusoe Cloud and the future of climate-aligned, high-power computing, we also had several opportunities to tout Crusoe’s long history of aligning the future of computing and the future of the climate.

During the week, the Crypto Council for Innovation released its report “Proof of Work & Enabling the Energy Transition.” Crusoe was proud to participate as a featured case study in the report. Chase also accepted an invitation to speak at Mainnet 2023 on the panel “Flipping the Narrative: Mining Bitcoin With Stranded Energy.”

Both the CCI report and the Mainnet panel allowed us to showcase how Crusoe’s DFM technology is mitigating the harmful byproducts of energy production. With much of the conversation at Climate Week focused on the clean energy transition, it was important to reiterate the importance of our work to reduce the emissions of existing energy sources by capturing wasted natural gas and converting it into electricity used to power on-site modular data centers.

When we released Crusoe’s inaugural ESG report earlier this year, we stated that our company’s north star is our environmental impact. Showing up at Climate Week and advocating for the important work our team is doing is a testament to that commitment.

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