Apr 03, 2024

Nadav Eiron Joins Crusoe as Senior Vice President of Cloud Engineering

Nadav Eiron

Nadav Eiron

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  / April 3, 2024 / Business Wire / -- Crusoe Energy Systems LLC (“Crusoe”) announced today that Nadav Eiron has joined the company as a Senior Vice President to lead the Cloud Engineering team in Crusoe’s San Francisco office. Eiron will lead Crusoe’s efforts to scale its Cloud platform, purpose-built for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing workloads. With decades of experience at Google and IBM, Eiron will keep Crusoe at the forefront of architecture and usability innovation across cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and team leadership.

Eiron most recently served as VP of Engineering, Core Machine Learning at Google, where he led the company’s Machine Learning infrastructure strategy that advanced the state-of-the-art technology used in their products. Additionally, he built the teams and systems and processes responsible for the launch and growth of Google’s most advanced ML-based features and AI products, while ensuring their responsible use across the product portfolio. 

As Crusoe’s Senior Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Eiron will have broad impact over Crusoe Cloud’s architecture, design, software and infrastructure engineering and installation as the platform continues to scale.

“Crusoe stands at the forefront of a global effort to provide reliable access to AI infrastructure with a climate-aligned mission,” said Eiron. “Under Chase and Cully’s leadership, Crusoe is thinking about this differently. They are reimagining what cloud infrastructure can look like from the ground up, starting with how it is powered and carrying all the way through the value chain to the software stack. Crusoe is grounded in the values and vision that will distinguish it as they scale its cloud platform. As Crusoe rapidly charges into a new era, I am excited to bring my experience to a team that always stays a step ahead.”

In 2022, Crusoe launched Crusoe Cloud, a compute infrastructure platform for AI training, inference, and HPC workloads. Crusoe is focused on co-locating data centers with sources of clean  energy to lower the cost and mitigate the environmental impact of computing. This empowers AI innovators to solve the world’s biggest challenges with climate-aligned computing solutions on Crusoe’s platform. Crusoe currently owns and operates a portfolio of more than 200MW of data centers with plans to rapidly expand.

“Nadav brings a plethora of experience building engineering teams and systems that are built for scale,” said Crusoe’s co-founder and CEO, Chase Lochmiller. “He will play an instrumental role in Crusoe Cloud delivering AI infrastructure solutions that enable everyone from researchers and startups to the largest enterprise applications in the world to run seamlessly around the world.”

About Crusoe

Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computing with the future of the climate. As builders and operators of clean computing infrastructure, Crusoe reduces both the costs and the environmental impact of the world’s expanding digital economy. By unlocking stranded sources of energy to power artificial intelligence, crypto, and other high performance computing applications, Crusoe is creating the future of compute-intensive innovation that reduces emissions rather than adds to them.

To learn more, visit https://crusoe.ai/ and follow Crusoe on Linkedin and Twitter.

Contact: [email protected]

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