Jul 21, 2021

57 Promising Fintechs Building the Behind-the-Scenes Tech Revolutionizing Wall Street

Chase Lochmiller, CEO

Chase Lochmiller, CEO

Cited by: DRW Venture Capital (investor)

Total raised: $242.5 million 

What it does: Crusoe repurposes otherwise wasted energy to fuel the growing demand for computational power in the expanding digital economy by developing and operating high-performance modular data centers.

Why it's promising: "As a carbon-neutral trading firm, DRW is excited to support real-world, creative solutions designed to address sustainability and climate change.  The technology developed by Crusoe is a game changer in providing computational power that harnesses otherwise wasted sources while reducing emissions and lowering costs," said Kim Trautmann, head of DRW Venture Capital.

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