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At Crusoe, we sustainably power advanced and energy-intensive computing to minimize its environmental impacts on the climate.

We are driven by a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainability. We take an energy-first approach that leverages wasted, stranded, and clean energy sources to power a sustainable and cost-effective AI cloud platform.

Our Progress

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>11 billion cf
of natural gas flaring avoided
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>1.4 million mtCO2e
of GHG emissions reduced


Crusoe Powers Workloads Sustainably

Tackling greenhouse gas emissions from increasing, AI-driven electricity demand is critical to mitigating climate change. Crusoe addresses this challenge.

We develop energy solutions that mitigate emissions, optimize resources, and incentivize the development of net new low-carbon sources of power to support the clean energy transition.

Mitigating Emissions

We reduce both energy waste and methane emissions through our Digital Flare Mitigation® technology, which captures natural gas that would otherwise be wasted and flared in the oil fields to power on-site computing infrastructure.

Energy Optimization

We maximize resource efficiency by utilizing stranded and surplus clean and renewable energy that is already being produced to support advanced computing workloads.

Incentivizing Net New Clean Energy

We use our load to incentivize the development of net new low-carbon generation assets and technologies.
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Expanding Access to STEM Education

We believe we can have the greatest impact by increasing access to STEM education in underserved communities to enable the next generation of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to create value for society.

Crusoe SF volunteers with RRR

Crusoe SF volunteers helped to set up and distribute laptops donated to low-income high school students to increase digital accessibility and literacy as a part of RRRComputer’s STEM Scholarship Program.

Increasing Access and Affordability of AI Cloud Services

By utilizing wasted and stranded energy, we are able to offer cloud computing capacity at competitive price points, making it possible for innovators from small startups to large, established enterprises to run their workloads sustainably and solve the world's problems.

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