Nov 03, 2021

Crusoe Energy: Goldman Sach's Builders and Innovators

Chase Lochmiller, CEO

Chase Lochmiller, CEO

CEO & Co-Founder of Crusoe Energy, Chase Lochmiller, turned his passion for technologies like AI and blockchain into solving the oil & gas industry’s age-old problem of routine natural gas flaring by using the otherwise wasted energy to power growing demand for computational power in the expanding digital economy. He is inspired by Crusoe’s mission to align the future of the climate with the future of computation.

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“Within the energy transition that’s going to be unfolding over the next couple of decades, Crusoe can… help solve the problem of asynchronisty that exists between how renewable energy gets generated and how it actually gets consumed.”

- Chase Lochmiller, CEO & Co-Founder of Crusoe Energy

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