Technical Support Services Guidelines

The following technical support services guidelines (“Guidelines”) apply to agreements where Crusoe provides Crusoe Cloud Platform (as described in Services) and related technical support to Customer (as amended from time to time, the “Agreement”). Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Guidelines have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.


General Support Services Terms


As part of Customer’s purchase of Crusoe Cloud Platform Services, Crusoe will provide Basic Support to Customer. Crusoe may make additional Technical Support Services (“TSS”) available to Customer in the future for an additional fee.

Basic Support

Customer will receive automatic Services upgrades and Maintenance updates, support for billing inquiries, and access to documentation, white papers, online best practices guides, and forums.

Support Request Submission

First Line Support

Customer will provide first-level support to Customer End Users. Crusoe may provide second-level support to Customer’s Designated Contacts only.

Customer Efforts to Fix Errors

Prior to making a request to Crusoe, Customer will use reasonable efforts to fix any error, bug, malfunction or network connectivity defect without escalation to Crusoe. Thereafter, Customer may submit a Request for TSS.

Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests

When making a Request, Customer will provide all requested diagnostic information and assist Crusoe Support Personnel as may be required to resolve a Request. Upon resolution of a Request, Customer may receive an optional survey to provide feedback to Crusoe on the support Request experience.

Request Acknowledgement

Crusoe may respond to a Request by acknowledging receipt of the Request. Customer acknowledges and understands that Crusoe may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve all Requests.

Feature Requests

If Crusoe deems a Request to be a Feature Request, Crusoe may log such Request for consideration to add to a future update or release of the Services and will consider the matter closed. Crusoe is under no obligation to respond to or resolve any Feature Request or to include any such Feature Request in any future update or release.

Building Applications

For clarity, Crusoe has no obligation under these Guidelines to: (a) write, build or improve any software Applications, or write code to facilitate Applications; (b) configure the Services for Customer; or (c) design, build or review Customer infrastructure.


To ensure optimal performance of the Services, Crusoe performs periodic Maintenance. In most cases, Maintenance will have limited or no negative impact on the availability and functionality of the Services. If Crusoe expects planned Maintenance to negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Services, Crusoe will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide at least seven days’ advance notice of the Maintenance. In addition, Crusoe may perform emergency unscheduled Maintenance at any time. If Crusoe expects such emergency unscheduled Maintenance to negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Services, Crusoe will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of such Maintenance. Maintenance notices noted above will be provided via the Crusoe Support Tool or via an email to the Notification Email Address.

Language Support

All support provided by Crusoe pursuant to these Guidelines will be provided in the English language.

Support Data Processing Activities

Crusoe collects and processes Support Data for the purpose of providing TSS under these Guidelines and maintaining the Services.